Together into a digital future.

Our future and that of our clients is digital. In doing so, we provide intensive and individual support that is adapted to the needs of the individual.

Paper was yesterday – scanning is today

Digitale Kanzlei

With "DATEV companies online" bwe offer our accounting services, including payroll, digitally and securely. You can easily scan all of your receipts, documents and contracts and make them available to us via the Unternehmen online in the DATEV cloud. The data is stored in the DATEV data centre in an audit-proof manner and is always available to you and us.

Our specialists then process your accounts as usual – just paperless.

Insights into your accounts and the retrieval of commercial valuations (business valuations, open items, outstanding receivables, etc.) and further information is possible at any time. The individual rights management helps you to determine who may and should be allowed to see which information.

Additional functions

In addition, "Unternehmen online" offers a variety of other features that simplify your business activities and ensure better management:

  • Electronic personnel files: : create your personnel master data and transaction data, which we can view and use for payroll accounting
  • Maintaining a cash register: you can maintain the cash register through Unternehmen online. It is especially helpful because you are supported in complying with the GoBD principles for electronic accounting
  • Create outgoing invoices: use this feature to manage and share your orders on-line (from quote to invoice to payment reminder)
  • Integration of your on-line banking:by linking to your on-line banking, you can monitor your payment balances and create and execute payment orders directly from scanned invoices – separate on-line banking is no longer necessary
  • OPOS control: you always have an overview of open sales invoices
Uncomplicated, fast and secure – this is how you can use "Unternehmen online"
  • • The necessary programs (e.g. the DATEV security package, cloud access, scanner interface) are installed by us, our system partner or you
  • • We provide a mIDentity stick with a smart card (alternatively smart login via an app) and two-factor authentication for secure use
  • • We provide an introduction, in which you will receive all of the important user information as well as our compact user package of inclusive relevant work instructions.
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The paperless office of the future

We also support you in the introduction of document-replacement scanning. To eliminate the need to keep your receipts in the original/paper form in the future, you can also decide to introduce document-replacement scanning and would, therefore, no longer be dependent on the storage of original documents. To avoid any problems during the next audit and to ensure that the introduction of replacement scanning in your company is accepted by the tax authorities, some requirements need to be met. It is essential when doing so to have proper procedural documentation, which we are happy to help you prepare. Furthermore, secure storage of data is a major issue. If you also use "Unternehmen online", you have the advantage of not only storing at your premises, but also in the DATEV data centre. Double storage meets these security requirements.
The combination of "Unternehmen online" and scanning offers you the option of developing a paperless office and makes it easy for you to slim down and optimise your corporate processes in a sustainable manner.

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