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In an initial consultation, we would like to get to know you and your individual needs in order to develop a service package that is right for you. We aim for a long-term, trust-based collaboration with you. Your needs and your success are our top priority. Our prices are fair, transparent and performance-based:
  • Appropriate hourly rate
  • Tailor-made packages
  • Special offers for start-ups - we want to promote your success and growth – not limit it


Initial consultation

Ihre Bedürfnisse

Your needs

Ihr Individuelles Leistungspaket

Your individual service package
DATEV – companies online

DATEV – companies online

Together with you, we will shape your path to a digital and innovative future and help you to implement digitalisation in the structure of your company. We digitalise your internal and external accounting systems (bookkeeping, payment transactions, cash register, audit-proof document filing) and related processes and provide remote support from our office. In addition, we offer exclusively digital communication with our office, if you wish.

Personal tax advice

We take full care of your personal tax affairs. In doing so, we offer you tailor-made tax organization and tax optimisation, while focussing on acceptance by the tax administration at the same time.

An overview of our individual services

• Tax returns

• Tax planning

  • Financing
  • Liquidity
  • Investment decisions
  • Real estate
  • Financial assets
  • Etc.

• Retirement income planning

• Gifting

• Heirs and successors

• Marriage and tax brackets/p>

• Divorce

Personal tax advice
Corporate tax advice

Corporate tax advice

We take care of all corporate tax matters for you. We offer individual tax organization and tax optimisation for sole traders, professionals, freelancers and shareholders of partnerships and corporations. In addition to finding the optimal solution for you, it is, of course, also important to have acceptance from the tax administration.

A selection of our individual services
  • Accounting (complete takeover or support)
  • Annual accounts and financial statements
  • Business valuations
  • All tax returns
  • Audits
  • Appeal proceedings against the tax administration
  • Representation before financial courts
  • Start-ups
  • Restructuring
  • Choice/change of company structure
  • Succession planning
  • Company disposal/wind-up/liquidation
  • Insolvency advice and support
  • Tax oriented contract review

Management consulting

Globalisation, digitalisation and increasing complexity within markets are challenging for companies. We support small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as their founders, in finding a strategy and selecting the right business adjustments to meet these challenges successfully.

Our activities include:
  • Business analysis and planning
  • Investment planning
  • Earnings forecasting
  • Liquidity and financial planning
  • Creating business plans
  • Cost accounting
  • Controlling
  • Business comparison and company valuation
  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Strategic planning (e.g. market strategy, product portfolio, pricing)
  • Conflict resolution/corporate mediation
  • Personnel management
Management consulting

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Tax advice

Tax advice

We are also happy to advise you on tax law issues. Thanks to our network, which has been built up over many years, we can also refer further questions to relevant specialist expertise in other areas of law.
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